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  • Your Membership benefits are determined by which type of Membership you have. Find out more about your Individual Membership, Under 25s Membership, Corporate Membership, and Patron benefits on the relevant page.

  • When your Membership is up for renewal, our Membership Coordinator will get in touch with you via email to discuss renewal. Alternatively, you can renew your Membership simply by purchasing your preferred Membership option again on our website.

  • If you’ve lost your card – don’t worry! Get in touch with us by phone (0113 320 2323) or email reception@yorkshire-contemporary.local to let us know. Our Membership Coordinator will then get in touch with you to issue you a new card and ensure that in the meantime you can still access all your Membership benefits.

  • If you wish to cancel your membership please contact us by phone (0113 320 2323) or email our Membership Coordinator, Lizzie Simms at lizzie.simms@yorkshire-contemporary.local.

  • Enter your unique discount code – TTMEMBER followed by the last 4 digits of your Membership number – at checkout to get 10% off select products in our online shop. You can also use your Membership to get a 50% discount on Wall of T squares by entering the code WALLOFT followed by the last 4 digits of your membership number at checkout.

    When you visit The Tetley, just present your Membership card to staff to access your 10% discount on Shop or Bar & Kitchen purchases.

    Finally, as a Member you will receive exclusive access to exhibition openings, previews, events and talks, so keep an eye on your emails for invites!

  • For any further questions regarding your Membership, get in touch with our Membership Coordinator by emailing lizzie.simms@yorkshire-contemporary.local