Tora Hed: Let it Land

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“It is a small rectangular patch of land with an uninviting gravel floor that conceals amongst its grey stones a myriad of strange souvenirs: tiny plastic children’s figures, “it’s my birthday” badge, a butter knife, a lighter, several varieties of broken glass. It is surrounded by roads and a narrow strip of trees on all four sides. It is mostly kept empty, neither particularly welcoming nor instructive for any specific activity, merely a space for passing through, it seems; a shortcut from one road to another. Occasionally it functions as a temporary base for a covid testing centre or a funfair – and then returns to its usual state stripped of any clear purpose or use.” – Inari Hulkkonen

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“The movement material has throughout the process been slightly changed or reworked depending on the space we are working in. Its something that feels quite alive about this way of working which is very different from being in a studio space” – Tora Hed

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Tora Hed (she/her) is a Leeds-based choreographer and performer, originally from Sweden. Hed works across art forms and her practice focuses on collaborative processes, exploring the complexity of the body and themes around care. She works with Yorkshire Dance’s ‘In Mature Company’, delivering movement sessions with elderly care home residents, finding ways to reduce physical pain with movements and combating isolation through touch.

Let it Land is a film and dance piece with three parts, created by Hed with her performance collaborators Sarah Maria Cook, Inari Hulkkonen and filmmaker Sunny Vowles. The work explores intimacy and touch as a way of being together in public spaces. Each part of the film shows a different sequence of movement, also known as a score, which has been developed by Hed during her PANIC! bursary project.

Hed is interested in what happens when you take dance practice outside of theatres. Let it Land was performed and filmed at a site called Cinder Moor, a multipurpose open space of flattened land, which had been used as a COVID-19 testing site.

Learn more about Hed’s process in the audio interview below.

This image shows two people in the centre of the photograph, standing on a tarmac path. In the background there is a strip of green grass at the end of the path, followed by a road, and in the distance there is a concrete wall of a building with plants growing up it. Leaves and branches from a tree hang into the top of the image above the people. One person is crouching on the ground, wearing white trainers, a navy tracksuit with three white stripes on each side, and has their hood up. Their head is bowed, looking at the ground, and we cannot see their face. Their elbows rest on their knees, with their forearms held up to the sky. The second person is folded over the first. They are wearing light coloured trainers, dark trousers and a burnt orange and green top. They stand to the left hand side of the image, legs straight, with their body bent at the waist. Their chest leans on the back of the first person, with the elbow resting in the first person's right hand and their head resting in the first person's left hand.
This image shows two people crouching low to the ground. The person on the left wears a navy tracksuit with three white stripes on each side. The person on the right wears a burnt orange top with a green hood. We can only see the backs on their heads which are bowed to the ground, side by side. The person in navy has their elbows out at each side, with one hand on their own head and one hand on the other person's head. The person in orange holds the elbows of the person in navy.
Interview with Tora Hed
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Concept and choreography: Tora Hed
Collaborators and dancers: Sarah Maria Cook & Inari Hulkkonen
Filmed: Sunny Vowles
Editing: Tora Hed & Sunny Vowles
Sound: Sarah Maria Cook, Tora Hed & Sunny Vowles
Funding and support: PANIC! (The Tetley)
Special thanks to the PANIC! team: Bella Probyn, Jenny Handley and Georgia Taylor Aguilar

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This work is presented as part of the PANIC! (Promoting an Artists’ Network in the Crisis) series of bursaries.

Earlier this year, PANIC! awarded a group of artists in Leeds City Region £5,000 and £1,000 bursaries to support the making of a new contemporary visual artwork or project. The bursaries offered space to create a voice and help us think through the new psychological, social and cultural conditions we face today.

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