Meet DARE Art Prize winner, Katie Surridge

Meet DARE Art Prize winner, Katie Surridge

6 Dec 2022

We’re delighted to welcome DARE Art Prize winner Katie Surridge to host a series of e-waste workshops.

Artist Katie Surridge was awarded the fourth DARE Art Prize in June, and has since been developing an exciting series of workshops for dismantling e-waste.
Katie has installed e-waste amnesty boxes across West Yorkshire, including at The Tetley, and has asked our visitors to donate their disused electrical items along with their stories behind them.
Using the e-waste collected from these boxes and your own items, you’re invited to join Katie at sculptural workstations to collect copper wire, steel, aluminium and other metals that are trapped in discarded electronic devices.
Surridge will then use the metals and parts extracted together in processes such as recasting, electroplating and even bio-leaching (a process that uses microbes to extract metals from e-waste) to produce new sculptures.
In addition, 100 free makers packs will be available to take home. Katie designed the packs in collaboration with the University of Leeds and they contain pieces of her sculpture which require your help in electroplating.
Meet DARE Art Prize winner, Katie Surridge
Meet DARE Art Prize winner, Katie Surridge
DARE is a unique collaboration between The Tetley, Opera North and the University of Leeds. The £15,000 DARE Art Prize challenges artists and scientists to collaborate on new approaches to the creative process.
57.4 million metric tonnes of e-waste was generated in 2021. Katie’s winning proposal addresses this problem of e-waste and the valuable resources, including gold, silver, copper, platinum, aluminium and cobalt, that are present in discarded electronic devices.
Katie’s practice often combines her metalworking skills with public engagement. “A genuine interest in connecting with people through absurd artistic interventions and inventions is key”, she says.