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Meet our new Head Chef Jade Crawley

Journal 7 Apr 2022

We are delighted to introduce you to The Tetley Bar & Kitchen’s new Head Chef Jade Crawley! With a focus on plant-based dishes and sustainability, Chef Jade comes to us from Eat Your Greens.

Visit us to try Jade’s new spring menu, with everything from a delicious chana chaat-style salad to a crispy shredded tofu baguette.

You’re also invited to join us for An evening at the Chef’s Table, an intimate dining experience created by Jade in our Atrium. The eight-course tasting menu responds to Justin Fitzpatrick’s current exhibition Alpha Salad. Book your tickets now!

Read more about our new Head Chef below in a quick Q&A.

A pale pink background with a white plate, featuring a dumpling and a mushroom in a deep brown broth
Aubergine dumpling with a dashi broth, one of the dishes on Jade's eight course tasting menu for her event 'An evening at the Chef's Table'. Photo: Jo Ritchie
Tell us about how you originally got into food, and what inspired you to become a chef.

I think food is the best way to connect with people – it brings people together. Cooking has always been the centre of my family gatherings and I feel more at home in the kitchen than sat at a desk.

What have been the highlights of your career so far? Are there any experiences that have particularly shaped you as a chef?

Working for independents has shaped me, the type of kitchen where you have more creative flair and freedom. Being more restricted on resources has been a motivating force for creativity, restrictions such as working with the seasonal availability of ingredients, or not having a big budget, have pushed me to be more innovative and less wasteful.

Meet our new Head Chef Jade Crawley
Corn fritters with a bean salsa, fried plantain and a poached egg – one of the new delicious dishes on our spring menu. Photo: Tom Martin
What excites you most about your new role at the Tetley?

I have found a group of people that have been extremely supportive of creativity. There are also some great opportunities to make use of what I have picked up working for Eat Your Greens in terms of sustainable practices.

What are your favourite dishes to cook?

Anything with garlic, chilli or aubergine!

Where do you take your inspiration from when creating new dishes?

Inspiration can be from anywhere, there are many great restaurants around… but also sometimes the mistakes we make in the kitchen can inspire new recipes and methods.

Meet our new Head Chef Jade Crawley
Some of the dishes on Jade's new BBQ menu for summer. Photo: Jo Ritchie
What are your favourite spots to eat?

I try to eat at local restaurants such as Sarto, Eat Your Greens, Bundobust and House of Fu.

And what sort of changes would you like to see in the future?

I would love Tetley to be known for our baked goods as I am hoping to expand our bakery section and experiment with vegan bakes! I would also love us to be known as a place to get a really decent vegetarian meal.

Discover Jade’s fantastic food and book a table today!

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