Meet our Makers’ Market tattoo artist
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Meet our Makers’ Market tattoo artist

Journal 12 Jul 2022

Alongside art, food and activities, we’re delighted to welcome hand-poke tattoo artist Finn to our next Makers’ Market. Read more about them below in a quick Q&A.

Tell us about yourself.

Hello! My name is Finn (@goat.pokes) and I am a self taught hand-poke artist currently living and working in West Yorkshire.

What drew you to tattooing? 

My love for tattoos and tattooing has skyrocketed in recent years with it being a perfect mix of creativity and client centred work.

What inspires your tattoo designs?

Most of my designs involve nature of some kind, I’m a huge animal lover and want to reflect this in my practice. My style draws inspiration from children’s animated shows, graphic novels and indie video games, three of my favourite things.

Tell us about the tattoos you’ll be doing at the Makers’ Market.

The flash tattoos I’ve created focus on themes of summer and sunshine, as well as plants and insects. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do, I can’t wait to tattoo you all!

Meet our Makers’ Market tattoo artist
Meet our Makers’ Market tattoo artist
Meet our Makers’ Market tattoo artist

The Tetley Makers’ Market

Join us for a weekend of art, food, activities and more at our sustainable summer edition of The Tetley Makers’ Market!

We’ll have a range of fantastic independent, local artists and makers to shop from, family activities and great food and drink.

Plus, enjoy a range of workshops promoting sustainability, from upcycling crafts to reducing food waste.