How to be a dyslexic artist & other stories

How to be a dyslexic artist & other stories

  • 17 Jul – 10 Nov 2019
  • Second floor galleries, The Tetley
  • Free, no booking required

How to be a dyslexic artist was a display of images and videos resulting from a short course exploring personal experiences of being an adult dyslexic in our text heavy society.

How to be a dyslexic artist was delivered by artist and consultant Benedict Phillips and his team, Linda Tomlinson, Ros Lehany and Kelly Culver, who boast a wide range of skills including, sculpture techniques, creative writing, costume design and production, photography and performance art. The team worked with the participants over weekly sessions to create a personal manifesto, props and costumes to generate an ‘alternative persona’, resulting in new artworks including studio portraits of their new creations.

The project participants were: John Arnison, Alessandra Cali’, Ollie Getley, Fran Hennessy, Eve Miller, Emma Roberts, Rabhia Saeeda, Laura Taylor, Alicia Wallace, Mara West and Lo Whitehead.

How to be a dyslexic artist was supported by funding from Leeds Inspired & Arts Council England. With special thanks to project partners The Tetley, Digital Media Labs, Jonathan Turner & Glenn Boulter.