afrah shafiq: st.itch

  • 16 – 26 November 2023
  • 8am–8pm
  • Leeds Train Station
  • Free display

st.itch is a multimedia artwork presented at Leeds Train Station, a digital imagining of women’s daydreams during domestic labour.

This patchwork QR code is created from archival imagery from collections across the north of England. Women are depicted sitting indoors, quietly, heads bent, fingers busy, often alone. They sew stitch after stitch, chop vegetables and wash clothes. st.itch imagines where the mind travels to when the body is engaged in repetitive, seemingly invisible manual work.

Embedded in this patchwork are four screens and 25 QR codes. Each video opens up dream-like realms, where through a series of slow burn animations both the sewing women and embroideries they make come alive to unravel the threads of women’s inner worlds.

Using the aesthetic of cybernetics and the languages of code and computer programming – which depend on binaries and repetition – Shafiq inserts glitches between these archival images and creates escape routes for daydreams.

As you pass through Leeds Train Station, you might be travelling to or from work, or thinking about jobs you have to do at home. This artwork invites you to think through the part of us that escapes tasks and responsibilities, the small pockets of freedom that a meandering mind provides.


st.itch at Leeds Train Station is presented by Afrah Shafiq in collaboration with The Tetley, made in partnership with LEEDS 2023: Year of Culture and the British Council.

Afrah Shafiq is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Goa, India. Her work emerges from long-term engagements with archives – both institutional and informal – as well as stories and other fugitive material across the internet.

Watch our interview with the artist


  • This free display is at Leeds Train Station, New Station St, Leeds LS1 4DY.
  • All entrances to the station are step-free and have automatic doors.
  • There are accessible toilets on the South Concourse.
  • There are two Blue Badge parking spaces remain within 50 metres of the station entrance.
  • Head to the Network Rail website for more information about access.


Concept, Research, Animation & Design: Afrah ShafiqAdditional Animation and Compositing: Alice Keretta & Hardik Kapadia (AEON CG)
Sound Design: Bigyna Dalal & Ridham Janve
Edit: Ridham Janve & Afrah Shafiq
Music: Arnold Misquitta
Code Poem: Prathmesh Pai
Assistance: Sara Athar

Special thanks:

Sally Tallant, Polly Brannan, Hannah Tolmie and everyone else at Liverpool Biennial

Alison Darnbrough
Alistair Hudson, Mary Griffiths, Uthra Rajgopal, Jamilla Briggs and everyone else at the Whitworth Art Gallery

Larysa Bolton, Daz Rawcliffe and everyone else at the Manchester Central Library

Kate Jesson, Natasha Howes, John Peel and everyone else at the Manchester Art Gallery

Alex Patterson, Chantelle Stackpool and everyone else at the Liverpool Museums

Sandeep Parmar
Nina Edge
Althea Greenan
Jane Taylor
Nicola Maksymuik