Drink & draw

  • 27 Oct 2021
  • 6.30–8pm
  • The Tetley Bar & Kitchen
  • £4
  • Drink & draw is hosted in our Bar & Kitchen on the ground floor. There are accessible toilets on the ground floor.
    Please call us on 0113 320 2323 or email reception@yorkshire-contemporary.local if you have any specific questions about access.

A relaxed adults’ drawing class hosted in The Tetley Bar & Kitchen.

October’s session, led by Herfa Thompson, may have been Halloween-themed, but it wasn’t frightening to those who aren’t confident at drawing. Using different materials, we explored concepts from Surrealist artists such as Leonara Carrington. Participants were even invited to dress up!

Drink & draw is The Tetley’s regular series of live drawing events, inviting you to get creative in a relaxed, sociable atmosphere.

About the artist

Herfa Thompson is a London-born artist, currently based in Leeds. She studied Sculpture and Environmental Art at The Glasgow School of Art. Having grown up in Southern Africa, Thompson experienced frustration that her return to the UK was not made to feel like a return home. Her work explores a world where brown bodies are peacefully and joyfully existing, referencing nostalgic memories of her time in Africa and Martinique, as well as exploring the relationship between humans and bodies of water.