Annabel Taylor-Munt: Along the plane

  • 17 Dec 2020
  • 8pm
  • Free, donations welcome

The Tetley presented a viewing of Annabel Taylor-Munt‘s newest moving image work, Along the plane.

Working with both professional and non-professional dancers, who identify as living with an illness or disability, the film examines how the body has been represented and interpreted throughout history, the media, and art.

At the end of the film, the audience had the chance to ask questions about the work and Annabel’s practice.


Along the plane features performers Maiya Leeke, Nicole Murmann, Kylie Kamanga, and Paulina Porwollik, and was scored by NOVYMIR.

Annabel Taylor-Munt’s work investigates hyper-masculine spaces and their positions in society. By examining the social, cultural and historical context of physical environments, she questions the ethical implications of societal designed systems through the medium of choreography, film and performance. Shows include Parallel Architectures IIIII, (Bridewell Prison Leeds Town Hall) Index Festival 2019 (Leeds), Tender Balance 2019, (Leeds International Festival), Mod Copeland gallery 2018 (London) and upcoming Along the plane Leeds Inspired 2019.

Annabel was a recipient of Tetley’s Artist Associate Programme, artist in residence at The Whitworth and was awarded Leeds City College’s 2020 Arts Fund grant.

Project supported by Leeds Inspired.