Environmental policy

The Tetley acknowledges the climate and ecological emergency and recognises it as the most urgent issue of our time.

The Tetley aims to be an exemplar of environmental responsibility, and aims to be carbon neutral by 2030. The Tetley is committed to making positive and effective change in our ways of thinking, working and our immediate environment to better understand and reduce the ecological impact of what we do. We will learn, advocate and share resources to improve our awareness of the issues and the actions we need to take to our team, audiences, communities, artists, partners and stakeholders.

Our environmental policy takes a prominent place across all aspects of the organisation and has the following aims:

  • Operations: reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and building and ensuring that our future plans for our building demonstrates environmental best practice
  • Travel: support and promote sustainable travel options across staff and audiences
  • Programme & Participation: address environmental themes in our programme and participatory work
  • Food & Drink: deliver and promote sustainable and low-impact food and drink through our Bar & Kitchen
  • Public realm: use the unique resource of the new city centre park to increase biodiversity and reach new audiences

We will achieve this by taking the following approach:

  • Plan: a clear set of actions which lays out how we will achieve our aims
  • People: establishing a cross organisation working group to meet quarterly and drive the action plan forward
  • Understanding: developing understanding of our environmental performance and impacts so we can define meaningful targets, take action and track our progress over time
  • Communication & engagement: share what we are doing to shape a better environmental future and involve our team, audiences, communities, artists, partners and stakeholders in the process.

Our Facilities & Gallery Manager and Senior Management Team are responsible for ensuring our policy becomes and meaningful guide for our action. The action plan is reviewed quarterly by the Environmental Working Group and the Policy is reviewed annually by the Environmental Working Group and the Audit Committee.