Tyvin Haque: Journey through my mind

Tyvin Haque (she/her) is an artist who works in performance, sound, sculpture and drawing. Haque’s work is a reflection of her everyday life and often references her cultural experiences both from Bangladesh and here in the UK. In this way, she invites wider exploration into the displacement of bodies and the politics of migration as mass movements across the globe.

Haque’s current research is based on the milestone of being in the UK for 10 years. For her PANIC! project, she focuses on a recent journey to the Home Office, based in Sheffield, for the next phase of her status. During the return trip for this project, Haque collected sounds, video footage and personal thoughts and reflections. Using these recordings as raw material, the artist has assembled the audio visual elements to create a film. This process acts as a way to map the journey and what it represents. 

Throughout the work we hear a monologue which becomes a stream of consciousness: observing, perceiving, recollecting, contemplating. Colour is important to Haque, who intentionally wore the most colourful clothes she could find for her appointment with the Home Office. 

With her PANIC! project, Haque explores moments of joy or frustration as a way to invite people into a conversation about the formation of cultural identity. 

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This work is presented as part of the PANIC! (Promoting an Artists’ Network in the Crisis) series of bursaries.

Earlier this year, PANIC! awarded a group of artists in Leeds City Region £5,000 and £1,000 bursaries to support the making of a new contemporary visual artwork or project. The bursaries offered space to create a voice and help us think through the new psychological, social and cultural conditions we face today.

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