TAAP 2023-24

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For 2023–24, The Tetley’s Associate Artists Programme (TAAP) supports the development of early career artists Emily Binks, Lisa-Marie Dickinson and Beatrice Lee Knowles.

Through tailored mentoring, TAAP hopes to foster a new generation of artists and help provide opportunities in Leeds and Yorkshire.

The selected TAAP artists demonstrate a strong direction in their practice and a shared commitment to participation and education. Each will benefit from external support and recognition to develop their practices.

Discover the artists

A room of wooden structures with neon tube lights around the wood

Emily Binks

Emily Binks is an artist, creative practitioner and educator based at The Art House, Wakefield. Binks’ works often take the form of sculpture and installations, which examine the notion of home. Binks enjoys using mixed media including discarded domestic furniture, neon and materials often associated with temporary shelter and construction.

Binks was a recipient of the Henry Moore Foundation Artist Award (2023), and previous projects include; A Room: Leeds Light Night, The Tetley (2022), Home Is, The Tetley (2022), Yorkshire Sculpture International Sculpture Network Artist (2022) and Lightpool R&D Residency (2021).

Eight tiled photographs of squiggles and shapes of fabric that look a little like letters

Lisa-Marie Dickinson

Lisa-Marie Dickinson encompasses drawing, sculpture and photography into their practice to explore the simultaneous importance and irrelevance of language throughout history and in the present day. Centring around the exploration of language in its written, spoken and gestural forms, they have a key interest in asemic writing, that is, markings that look like writing but have no meaning. They experiment with the idea that lines and marks can be language, and that language can be drawing, recognisable without adhering to the alphabet.

Recent exhibitions include Definitions of Drawing, Sunny Bank Mills (2021) and Make, which followed a two week residency at Freelands Foundation, London (2021).

A wooden toy trolley

Beatrice Lee Knowles

Beatrice Lee Knowles is an artist, creative workshop facilitator and play activator based in Sheffield. Knowles’ work has a sensory focus. She designs and makes resources that encourage open ended exploration and ignite creative play. This approach feeds into her outreach work delivering sculpture, mark-making and textile workshops. Her sessions focus on process, material possibilities and how people make, as opposed to the final outcome.

Most recent projects have included: Den Building at York Art Gallery, Sculpture Residency at Norfolk Community Primary School, Baby Banquet at The Tetley, Art Club at Left Bank Leeds, Under 5s Get Stuck In at Sheffield Museums and Tiny Tetley x Hamara Healthy Living Centre.